Prosecution Elite (2023)


An Ni, a prosecutor of the Jiangcheng Procuratorate, was assigned by Chief Prosecutor Xu Ai Lin to handle the case investigating a missing college student who jumped off into a lake. She started with Zhao Ji Kai, the General Manager of Huiquan Games, and found connection between him and overseas organizations that promote bullying, leading to the arrest of the crime perpetrators. While Huiquan Games’ stocks price plummeted, Yin Hui Quan donates to Jiangxiao Academy which would in turn corrupt minors in the guise of charity. The student Li Xiao Wen and other victims come forward, publicly denouncing the unorthodox means of Jiangxiao Academy to control youngsters. An Ni presents solid evidences in the court, leading to the academy’s shut down and punishment of those who were involved. Yan Qin, who took over the Huiquan Games, misappropriated the funds to invest in the development of a copper mine. However, this investment venture was a Ponzi scheme by an online financial fraud gang. With sufficient evidence, An Ni went abroad to participate in a cross-border trial. With the cooperation of Chinese and foreign judicial organizations, Qian Tian Xin was sent back to China and his assets were frozen.

Director: Yu Ding

Also known as: Prosecution Elites Gong Su Jing Ying Gong Su 公訴精英 公诉精英


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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